​LG Uplus adds Google Assistant to IPTV set-top box

LG Uplus, South Korea's third largest mobile carrier, has added Google Assistant to its Internet Protocol TV service set-top box.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Uplus has added Google Assistant to its IPTV set-top box, the telco announced.

Subscribers of U+tv will be able to use Google's AI voice assistant service through the set-top box's designated remote control.

Its 2 million subscribers can use voice commands to load YouTube, Google Photo, Google Search, and Google Translate.

LG is expecting YouTube Search to be the biggest hit among users. Previously, YouTube could be only searched through the use of key words but Google Assistant will allow users to search the video they want by describing scenes and moments and relevant videos will be shown.

Using Google Photo, users can name places, people, and objects via voice command and relevant pictures from their smartphones will be shown on the TV screen. They will need to upload the smartphone's pictures on Google Photo and log in with a Google account on the IPTV, however.

Google Translate will support 21 languages and the translation will be shown on the TV screen.

LG Uplus also offers South Korean search giant Naver's AI platform for use in homes.

It also offers unique IoT services, such as a Wi-Fi connected bidet toilet.


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