LinkedIn to unify hiring products on one platform

By bringing its tools -- Recruiter, Jobs and Pipeline Builder -- onto one platform, LinkedIn says it will bring recruiters more qualified candidates and save them time.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

For well over a year, LinkedIn has been rebuilding all of its hiring products -- including Recruiter, Jobs and Pipeline Builder -- onto a single, common platform. Called the Intelligent Hiring Experience, LinkedIn says the new platform will bring recruiters more qualified candidates and save them time. It's launching this summer with more than a dozen new features.

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The Intelligent Hiring Experience will tap into LinkedIn's existing data to infer userful information about open jobs and job seekers. For instance, the platform may be able to infer that a job seeker has certain programming skills -- even if they're not listed on his or her LinkedIn profile -- if other people with the same job history have specific programming skills.

The new platform should more effectively connect job seekers to the right jobs and recruiters, John Jersin, VP of LinkedIn Talent Solutions and Careers, explained to reporters this week.

"In many cases we might be able to determine if there's a match based on skills the job seeeker never wrote down and the recruiter never put in the job description and never searched for," he explained.

Already, LinkedIn leverages two distinct data sets to connect job seekers and recruiters. First, it uses explicit data -- the kinds of things that recruiters write in a job description, or the qualities listed in a candidate's profile. It also leverages behavior, such as which profiles recruiters are clicking on. The new platform adds a third data set of inferred information.

"We'll be able to produce a set of recommended matches based on a set of technology investments we've made to help us learn in real time what recruiters are doing on our platform, who they're intearcting with," he said. "No competitor on the market can provide this level of intelligence by bringing together different hiring channels, along with our unique insights on more than 610 million member profiles and behaviors."

Thanks to the new hiring platform -- and the growing number of people looking for jobs on LinkedIn -- "there should be a significant increase in the number of quality candidates recruiters see over time," Jersin said.

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It should also save time for recruiters, Jersin said, noting how prior updates to the Recruiter tool have done so. When LinkedIn built Recruiter System Connect, enabling a more seamless integration between LinkedIn tools and third-party applicant tracking systems, it saved the average recruiter more than three hours a week, he said.

Jersin said LinkedIn is aiming to support all of the core features of the prior versions of its hiring tools. Recruiters using the unified platform will also get new features like Bulk Reject, allowing them to close the loop with rejected job candidates. There are also a variety of new collaboration features for recruiters. Additionally, qualified job seekers using the new platform will be able to get real-time notifications about new jobs posted online. 

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