Last-minute tech gifts and gadgets for your Valentine

Chocolate and flowers are not the only options this Valentine's Day.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Pixel Loveboxes

See it now: Lovebox

The Lovebox is a modern alternative to leaving messages in a lunchbox or on the fridge. A rather sweet idea for Valentine's Day, users send messages through a mobile app which then transfers the message to the Lovebox. When a message is received, the heart on the box spins, and when opened, a digital screen displays the note.

Price: $99.99+

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Leaf Urban

See it now: Bellabeat on Amazon

Jewelry is a popular gift on Valentine's Day, so why not consider a stylish fitness tracker which doubles as a necklace or brooch? The tracker can measure activity, sleep patterns, and stress.

Price: $99

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Star Maps

See it now: The Night Sky

Do you remember when you met your partner? If so, you could immortalize the moment through a map which plots out the position of the stars at that time. The map comes with a time and place signature and can be framed for display at home. 

Price: Varies

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3D printed rings

See it now: Shapeways

If you are looking for a techy slant on a traditional Valentine's Day gift, you could purchase a 3D-printed ring from the Shapeways online marketplace. 

Price: Varies

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Nixplay Original

See it now: Nixplay on Amazon

A thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day could be a Nixplay digital photo frame which is able to automatically flick through images and play video. You could also pre-load the device with content before presenting it to your loved one this year for a special touch. 

Price: $299.99

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Google Home Hub

See it now: Home Hub at Google Store

A thoughtful gift this Valentine's Day is the Google Home Hub which can be of real value to your other half. The display can be used to manage daily routines, access Android apps, ask questions via Google Assistant, control IoT devices, and more. 

Price: $149

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Philips Hue lighting

See it now: Hue at Amazon

The right ambiance can set the mood and to manage this, a product from the Philips Hue lighting range could be a great gift. The lights can be controlled through voice assistants or mobile apps. Colors, lightness, dimming, and themes can all be selected. 

Price: Varies

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See it now: Pip at Amazon

Our lives can be complicated and stressful, but the developers of Pip hope that by showing us our stress levels visually, we might be able to take control of it. Pip measures electrodermal activity (EDA) through the pores of the skin when it is held. If your partner could benefit, this tiny gadget could be a thoughtful gift. 

Price: $149

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

See it now: Kindle at Amazon

A gift which could be appreciated this Valentine's Day is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The popular e-reader replaces typical tablets as a means to read your favourite novels and stories at home or whilst on the road.

Price: $99+

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Simplehuman vanity mirror

See it now: Simplehuman vanity mirror at Amazon

The Simplehuman vanity mirror is a modern revamp of traditional alternatives. If your other half has an enthusiasm for makeup, the mirror's touch-control brightness, 5x magnification, and natural sunlight simulation are features they will likely enjoy. 

Price: $198

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Long distance lamps

See it now: Friendship lamps at Uncommon Goods

Long-distance relationships aren't always easy, and so to let your partner know you're thinking about them -- and vice versa -- you can now use light.

Once connected to the Internet, touching one of these lamps will make the pair glow, no matter where they are.  

Price: $85+

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Polaroid Snap Instant

See it now: Polaroid Snap at Amazon

A polaroid could become a special gift this Valentine's Day to capture and print those special moments. This affordable Polaroid is a 10-megapixel model with microSD storage and the option to take photos with normal colors, black & white, or vintage sepia tones. 

Price: $78

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Sony Aibo

See it now: Aibo from Sony

If you're willing to go big this Valentine's Day, why not consider Aibo, Sony's robotic dog? The robot's 'personality' becomes shaped depending on the time you spend with it and as Aibo learns, the dog will develop new tricks over time thanks to its AI engine. 

Price: $2,899.99

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Self watering orchid pot

See it now: Eva Solo on Amazon

Orchids can be difficult to maintain but they are beautiful plants. To keep an orchid blooming on Valentine's Day and far into the future, consider giving your loved one a self-watering glass orchid plant pot this year. 

Price: £35 ($45)

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Xenvo Pro Lens kit

See it now: Xenvo Pro at Amazon

An option for mobile device photography enthusiasts this Valentine's Day is the Xenvo Pro Lens kit. The kit includes a macro and wide-angle lens and is universally compatible. A quick release lanyard is useful for taking images on-the-go.

Price: $39.99

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AeroGarden Harvest

See it now: AeroGarden at Amazon

Is your partner a cooking or garden enthusiast? If so, a fun gift this Valentine's Day could be the AeroGarden, a water-based, smart growing system for herbs and vegetables. The system includes an automatic lighting plate and mobile alerts for when plants need to be watered.  

Price: $90

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Fidget Cube

See it now: Fidget Cube at Amazon

Fidget spinners have not only gained a following as fun toys but can also be used to help relieve stress and potentially improve concentration. If your other half has trouble focusing and you are looking for a budget-friendly gift this Valentine's Day, this could be for you. 

Price: $9.99

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Tile Mate

See it now: Tile Mate at Amazon

If you are forever teasing your partner over their lost keys, phone, or wallet, the Tile Mate could be a fun, tongue-in-cheek gift this Valentine's Day. Tile Mate is a small Bluetooth tracker which can display lost items on a map and is also part of a wider lost and found community. 

Price: $14.99

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