LinkedIn unveils a new, AI-infused Premium experience

You can now access an AI-powered career coach on LinkedIn - but at a cost.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
LinkedIn app on a phone
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LinkedIn has added a series of generative AI tools this year that have helped to improve the job-search experience for candidates and employers. These refinements culminate today in the latest development -- a brand-new Premium experience. 

The compay has announced it will be rolling out the new experience, which includes personalization and interaction features, to a select group of LinkedIn subscribers. 

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In the announcement, LinkedIn shares a sneak peek of both AI-powered features: a new job seeker coach, and a new AI feed summarization experience. 

The job seeker coach helps users find their dream job with insights, such as whether a job is a good fit, how to position themselves for the role, how to prepare for interviews, and more. 

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LinkedIn is also introducing an AI-powered summarization experience that analyzes posts from a user's feed, including articles and commentary, and presents the key information in one click. 

The aim is to prevent users having to consume lots of lengthy content, such as reading long articles or watching a ton of videos. It's hoped the tool will pull together key insights that users can then use for their own career growth. 

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The summarization experience also leverages Microsoft Bing to provide users with timely and comprehensive information about what's happening in the world at the present moment. If users have questions about topics, they can ask LinkedIn and are presented with resources from across the platform and the web. 

These new AI-enabled tools build on the existing Premium-exclusive features on LinkedIn, including AI-powered profile writing assistance, Top Choice jobs signals, and more.  

The new features will begin rolling out to LinkedIn subscribers at no additional cost. If you want to try the features out for yourself, you can join a one-month LinkedIn Premium free trial or sign up for a LinkedIn Premium Career account for $39.99 per month. 

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