Meet Aria: Opera's new built-in generative AI assistant

Move over, Edge. There's a new sidebar AI assistant in town.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
Aria in Opera

Aria is always accessible on the built-in sidebar to the left.

Maria Diaz/ZDNET

As Microsoft incorporates more artificial intelligence tools to their products, Opera rolled out one of its own. Opera has just debuted Aria, a new AI chatbot that is built into the sidebar of its browser, like the new Bing is built into Microsoft Edge, and is available for free.

Using Opera's "Composer" infrastructure, Aria harnesses OpenAI's GPT technology and features enhanced capabilities, like access to live results from the web, text and code generation, and advanced customer support.

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Much like the new Bing chat is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Aria boasts similar technology as ChatGPT, with further training from Opera and internet access.

Aria joins ChatGPT, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and WhatsApp on the Opera browser sidebar, as the company's own, natively built-in generative AI assistant. The new assistant has access to the internet, so its knowledge is not limited to content before 2021, like the free version of ChatGPT, though the ChatGPT Plus version will differ.

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As such, Aria is just the latest development in Opera's plan to integrate generative AI into its browsing experience, following the ChatGPT integration and recent launch of Opera One

How to try out Aria

Users that want to access Aria just need to download the newest version of Opera One, if on desktop, and Android users can download the beta version of the browser from the Google Play store. Access to Aria hinges on having an Opera account, which anyone can create for free with a valid email address. 

Opera has made Aria an expert on its database of support documentation and combines that with its knowledge of the company's current products to help customers in need of assistance. 

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This same Composer infrastructure makes Aria capable of connecting to other AI models and Opera has future plans to integrate more features such as multiple search services from different Opera partners. 

At this time, Aria is in the beginning stages of Opera's project, but the company hopes to integrate it further into the browsing experience, eventually blending it to assist with cross-browser tasks. 

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