Meta rolls out new ways for Facebook creators to increase their engagement

Meta, Facebook's parent company, will allow creators to experiment with different versions of their Reels to allow creators to choose the best-performing options.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
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Content creators on Facebook now have new ways to help them grow their influence on the social media platform, as Meta announced a suite of new tools.

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Facebook creators will soon utilize an A/B testing tool for Reels to test different captions and thumbnails to see which performs better. A/B testing is a valuable content creation tactic that helps creators understand which captions and images resonate best with their intended audience.

Creators can cycle through up to four different captions and thumbnails, and the best-performing ones will be displayed on their Facebook page unless they change it.

Meta says it will experiment with adding generative AI technology to help creators land on the best options.

Additionally, creators can create Reels from existing video posts and livestreams on mobile. When posting a Reel, creators can choose videos from the "Your Content" tab and edit the video to post to Reels.

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In addition to A/B testing, Meta made some changes and improvements to Facebook's professional dashboard to help creators develop and attain their content creation goals. The professional dashboard has a new "Achievements" tab where creators can list goals and achievements based on their content engagement.

Creators who are over 18 years old and finish all the goals in the Achievements section will become eligible for increased visibility in Facebook's Feed or will receive Facebook's "Rising Creator" label on their page.

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Both achievements will increase a creator's visibility on the site, making them more easily discovered by other users. Creators who finish all the goals in the Achievements section can also participate in Facebook's weekly challenges. These challenges aim to help creators increase their engagement on Facebook by encouraging them to reply to a certain number of comments or reach a certain number of Reels views.

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