Microsoft mocks Apple again and it's awkward

A new ad for the Surface Laptop 2 features a spokesman called Mackenzie Book. Mac Book. Geddit?
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Screenshot by ZDNet

Microsoft and Apple have learned to co-exist.

Occasionally, however, Redmond just can't help revealing a little distaste toward its more artistic rival.

Who can forget Microsoft laughing at Apple's claim that the iPad Pro is a computer?

Some of this sniping is, of course, rooted in envy. For too long, Apple was cool and Microsoft was, ugh, Microsoft.

Now, however, Microsoft is making hardware. It's actually becoming relatively relevant in the laptop space with its Surface range.

Microsoft could advertise it on its own merits. Yet here we are with a new Surface ad that features an Australian spokesman called Mackenzie Book.

What does he know about laptops? Probably as much as you or me. Yet he's called Mac Book -- geddit? -- so he's the perfect spokesman for this ad.

It helps that he's young and looks as if he might know what he's talking about.

Astonishingly, Mac finds that the Surface Laptop 2 has longer battery life than the MacBook. It's faster, too.

The Surface, he says, also has a better touchscreen, because Apple's never got around to putting one in. Well, did I mention that the iPad Pro is (allegedly) a computer?

Earlier this year, I went to a Best Buy and asked which was the best Windows laptop. The salesman told me it was a MacBook.

When I asked why, he said it was built to last twice as long as any Windows device.

I wonder if, in a few years time, Mac Book will discover that his Surface wasn't as deep as he thought and whether he'll get a new offer to be an ad spokesman.

From Apple, of course.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of this ad is that Mac Book didn't get the chance to mock the MacBook's horrendous butterfly keyboard. That might have actually been funny.

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