Microsoft seeks testers for its Family Insider program

Microsoft is seeking more participants for various customer-test programs, including its Family Insider, Windows Customer Connection, and Customer Co-Creation groups.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has a number of programs through which users can sign up to get early access and information about various products and services. The company is already running Windows Insider, Office Insider, Edge Insider, and Skype Insider. Another Microsoft test program called the "Microsoft Family Insider" program is seeking more new participants.

Microsoft wants people who care about current and future family-related Microsoft products to join the program. Family Insiders can participate in virtual monthly community calls with Microsoft employees working on new family experiences. They will get monthly newsletters featuring surveys, polls, and opportunities to connect one-on-one with Microsoft product teams.

In a June 29 blog post about the program, Microsoft officials said that "Family Insiders have tested Microsoft Defender for Individuals before public release, shared feedback about the new Family widget on Windows, and virtually met with Family Safety, OneDrive, Lists, Edge, and Education teams to share what matters most to them and their family."

In order to participate, users can sign in with their Microsoft Accounts to fill out a profile and survey questions.

Microsoft seems to be working to grow a number of its testing programs in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Microsoft put out a call for people to join the Windows Customer Connection Program (WCCP). Like the Family Insider program, WCCP promises exclusive virtual calls, focus groups, previews of unannounced products, and discussions with Microsoft employees working on these products. WCCP aims to reach IT pros who agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft.

WCCP is not a brand-new program. According to my understanding, it is an expanded program run by the Endpoint Manager team that works with IT Pro Most Valuable Professionals and other members of the Endpoint Manager community. Microsoft also is expanding another test program called the "Customer Co-Creation" program, which looks to be the cloud-side equivalent of WCCP.

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