Microsoft Teams for Linux client: It's happening

Microsoft is working on a Teams client for Linux, officials have confirmed, but still no word on when it will arrive.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

In August, Microsoft officials said to "stay tuned" for news about when and whether a Teams client for Linux would be coming. Late last week, the possibility became an acknowledged certainty: The company is "working on" a Teams client for Linux.

Microsoft updated the UserVoice page a few days ago to reflect that a Linux Teams client is definitely happening.

"We know many of you are waiting for a Teams client for Linux, and we're pleased to confirm we're actively working on it," said UserVoice admin Alex in a post on September 6. 

She didn't provide any information as to when a preview or final version of that Linux client will be available. I've asked but no word back yet. Update: A spokesperson said the company had nothing to say about timing and pointed to the updated UserVoice post saying "stay tuned for more information."

Microsoft already offers Teams for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the Web. Microsoft group-chat rival Slack already has a Linux client.

The original UserVoice request for a Linux client for Teams dates back to 2016. Teams for Linux is one of the top user requests on the Teams UserVoice site. 

Microsoft's Teams client is an Electron app. Many accuse it of being bloated, slow and in need of a do-over (especially on Windows). I, myself, have not had good luck getting the Teams web client to work consistently on Windows 7. Here's hoping the Teams team also is working on its existing products, not just brand-new ones.

Microsoft execs also have dangled the possibility of a Chromium-based Edge browser variant for Linux, but have yet to confirm if and when it will arrive.

(Thanks to Windows Central for the pointer to the updated UserVoice page for Teams for Linux.)

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