Moment announces Note 9 photo cases supporting new lenses, including anamorphic

Along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes the plethora of accessories from third parties. One of the first to announce a product was Moment with its new camera case that support all of its lenses and is currently being offered at 20 percent off.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Earlier this year I purchased a Moment wide-angle lens and camera case for my iPhone X. Moment makes a number of lenses that can be used with various Apple, Google, and Samsung phones through the use of its affordable case options.

Moment was the first company to announce photography accessories for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and with this announcement you can pre-order the walnut wood or black canvas photo case now for 20 percent off. I placed my order for the walnut wood one and look forward to testing out my wide-angle lens.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 photo case supports use of all the new Moment lenses, including wide-angle, tele portrait, superfish, macro, and the upcoming anamorphic lens. The anamorphic lens should be coming soon and I cannot wait try my hand and videos with this new lens. You can pre-order that lens now for $119.99, regular price is $149.99.

Image: Moment

While at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event this week, I bumped into Caleb and Niles who shoot video and photography for Moment. I loaned them the evaluation Note 9 so they could test out the prototype photo case and all the lenses. It was great to meet a couple of enthusiastic young men who are talented with cameras and observe them in action. You can see me in a shot of their video below and in this Instagram shot. They confirmed that all the lenses work well with the Note 9 and they were also very impressed by the capability of the Note 9.

Along with the Note 9 photo case, Moment offers an Android app for $1.99. The app provides easy manual controls for the camera and also helps you work with the various lenses.

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