More AI experiences are coming to Discord, including ChatGPT

The social platform is leaning into AI and adding new features to optimize user experience. Here's what you can expect.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Discord ChatGPT

Discord isn't new to the AI scene. Home to Midjourney's server, Discord is a leader in the generative AI wave we are experiencing right now. 

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On Thursday, Discord announced new AI additions coming to the platform --including OpenAI's ChatGPT

Discord has always had Clyde, a helpful robot meant to help you navigate your way through the platform. Now Clyde is being given some (artificial) intelligence through the implementation of ChatGPT. 

Clyde will now have ChatGPT's conversational capabilities and hold conversations with you and your friends. To access the chatbot, all you will have to do is type "@Clyde" in any server and you can start chatting away. 

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Clyde can also assist you by starting a thread, recommending playlists, or accessing GIFs and emojis. 

Unfortunately, Clyde is still undergoing some testing, but Discord says Clyde's makeover will be coming to the platform soon. 

Last year Discord introduced AutoMod, a server moderator that automatically blocked more than 45 million unwanted messages from servers before they were even posted. The server moderator is now getting infused with some AI, too. 

AutoMod AI will use OpenAI technology to alert moderators when server rules have been broken while considering the context of the conversation. This feature will begin testing today in a limited number of servers, according to Discord.  

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Conversation summaries will also be coming to the platform. Using AI, streams of messages will be bundled together into topics so you can catch up on information you care about fast. This feature will begin testing on a limited number of servers next week. 

Discord Conversation Summaries screenshot

Other updates include an Avatar Remix feature, which allows users to 'remix' other avatars using generative image models. The code for Avatar Remix is free and already available on Github for developers to use. 

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Discord teases that a collaborative visual space could soon be coming to the platform that would include an AI-powered text-to-image generator. Lastly, Discord added resources to its AI incubator program meant to promote and support AI on Discord. 

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