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Wanting leaders and creating them are two different things. Read how PageUp People helps employers who help groom employees for great careers.
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PageUp People  -PageUp People represents the kind of HR technology that could have been spawned from the ideas found in Ram Charam, et.al.'s book "The Leadership Pipeline".  Having spent 18 years with a company that had a clear "up or out" career development mantra, I get the leadership development concept.

Unfortunately, too many clients of mine don't get leadership development or only pay it lip service. So, if your firm doesn't try to develop future leaders (or ever care to do so) you can quit reading this post now. But, I do believe your firm should as I've seen two firms this year experience significant issues as they failed to invest in developing their leadership bench. One firm found itself trying to create a single global method of manufacturing but found that none of its dozens of plant managers around the world knew anything about the operations of other facilities. They couldn't get a real operating committee convened and they lacked the seasoned expertise that a global operating committee should have possessed. In the other situation, a company needed to replace its President however nothing had been done to groom potential successors.

PageUp People has a solution called CareerPath. It was one of the cleanest looking solutions I saw that illustrated the various career paths an employee might pursue. It graphically shows what paths exist, the skills and experiences needed along the way, etc. The tool could be quite helpful in preparing for performance evaluations, succession planning and what-if analyses.

I was really taken by its look and feel. Again, if your firm just hires people to fill a specific role with no intent to help them move upwardly, then you can skip this solution. If, however, you see the retention of the best and brightest as a competitive differentiator for your firm, look it over.

PageUp People is an Australian based firm that is undergoing significant growth. They get the challenges of multi-national firms - especially those that must consider who and how they will develop talent for global assignments.

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