MWC 2019: Lenovo unveils stylish IdeaCentre AIO A340 desktop amid laptop launches

Despite the odd timing of announcing a new all-in-one during a mobile-focused event, Lenovo launched the PC that will be available in black or white, with 22-inch or 24-inch display, and with either Intel Core i5 or AMD A9 processor options.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO A340

As you might expect at one of the world's biggest mobile trade shows, Lenovo has unleashed a slew of laptops this week, not to mention a tiny server to work with a network of Internet of Things devices. Less expected is another new product the company has announced in Barcelona: an all-in-one PC that remains motionless on your desk.

While it's a bit of a mystery why Lenovo would choose this particular week to unveil a desktop, the new IdeaCentre AIO A340 is here nonetheless. Though you won't be lugging it around like many of the phones and other portable devices on display at MWC, the all-in-one at least will look good on your desk, with a pipe-shaped base that lends it a more minimalist vibe than some of its competitors. 

The A340 is all about choices, starting with the exterior color choice: Business Black or Foggy White, or in non-marketing speak, black or white. It will be available in 22-inch or 24-inch displays with full 1080p HD resolution and thinner bezels than its predecessors. You also get to decide whether you want an AMD or Intel processor inside -- the A9-9425 or the Core i5-8400T, to be specific. The A9 works with AMD's Radeon R5 graphics, whereas the Intel can be paired with the Radeon 530 or Intel's own integrated graphics.   

One choice you won't get is with the 24-inch A340 version -- that's an Intel-only configuration. The all-in-one will be available in the U.S. starting in April (a month earlier in Europe) for $500 for the 22-inch model, with the larger edition expected to start at about $100 more.

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