Never say never: Motorola considers Windows Phone six months after statement

Motorola has had an all Android smartphone line for a couple years, but is now openly considering Windows Phone as a future platform. Will they join HTC, Samsung, and others with a dual OS strategy?

I read Larry's post from yesterday on the statements made by Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha, regarding Windows Phone and find it interesting that they are having such a change of heart after just six months ago seemingly closing the door on Windows Phone 7. Motorola has done very well with Android devices, primarily with the Droid lineup on Verizon Wireless, but as Larry laid out it sounds like there could be issues with going all Android for a smartphone lineup.

A couple of years ago Motorola went all in with Android, but that was back when Microsoft only had Windows Mobile available and there were lots of issues with those Motorola devices. Windows Phone 7 was in development, but was still a ways out from being released. In February 2011, Motorola's VP of Software and Services Product Management, Christy Wyatt, stated:

I don't envision us using Microsoft. I would never say never but it's not something we're entertaining now.

Wow, never sure doesn't seem to be very long in today's fast moving world. Maybe some people at Motorola actually used a Windows Phone 7 device and if it had the Mango update loaded on it then I can see why they would now be considering Microsoft's mobile operating system. Last fall, Microsoft filed a suit against Motorola for their Android work and if Motorola joined the team that may be forgiven.

Readers here know I am a huge Windows Phone 7 fan and think it would do very well in the market if people would just give it a try and if Microsoft and the carriers actively marketed them with an emphasis that they are NOTHING like the old Windows Mobile or Pocket PC devices. As Android gets more fragmented and Motorola tries to stay profitable, Windows Phone is the only other choice to consider. HTC and Samsung seem to be doing quite well with dual Android and Windows Phone strategies and I honestly think that Windows Phone will join iOS and Android as the top three smartphone platforms sooner rather than later.