​New Note 7s will have green battery indicators instead of white

New Galaxy Note 7s will have different colored battery indicators to differentiate from the original faulty phones, but questions remain whether it will quell safety concerns.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung will change the color of the battery indicators in newly produced Galaxy Note 7 handsets to allow consumers to differentiate the old faulty units from the new ones, the company has said.

The new Note 7 battery indicator at the top right corner of the home screen will now be green instead of white.

The South Korean giant is manufacturing and delivering new batches of the phablet to local distributors and stores in South Korea so that it can start the exchange on Monday 19 September, the first working day after the Thanksgiving holiday period. It is yet not known whether the same measure will be applied in other countries.

The company sold around 400,000 of the devices before the recall and will have enough in stock by end of next week to replace all of them, a source familiar with the matter said.

Samsung produced a total of 2.5 million of the handsets before the recall. It has been available in 11 countries.

Some analysts in South Korea are suggesting Samsung change the name of the Note 7 for the new batches. NH Investment & Securities analyst Lee Sae-cheol suggested they be called "Galaxy Note 7S", with the S standing for safety, to avoid consumer confusion.

Since its recall of the phones earlier this month due to reports of them catching fire or exploding due to faulty batteries, authorities have issued warnings globally to stop use of the phones.

Data from Apteligent showed that despite warnings, Note 7 owners are still using the phones.

On Wednesday, the South Korean tech giant announced it will deploy a software upgrade to cap the charging limit at 60 percent.

In China the recall only commenced from Wednesday, and only for the 1,858 units that were pre-ordered before official sales began.

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