New Windows 10 20H1 test build delivers a bunch of fixes, minor updates

Microsoft is rolling out a list of fixes for Windows 10 20H1 as part of build 18975. A 20H1 bug bash is slated to begin late this month.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 20H1 Fast Ring test build that includes a boatload of fixes and minor updates. Microsoft released 20H1 Build 18975 on September 6.

Today's test build adds the ability to move the new standalone Cortana app by dragging the title bar to anywhere on the screen. As of today's build, the ability to rename virtual desktops is now available to all Insider testers in the Fast Ring.

Build 18975 includes fixes to everything from "Bluetooth and Other Devices" not rendering correctly, to problems some had with File Explorer settings being modified and unable to be corrected. The full laundry list of fixes is in Microsoft's blog post about today's build. Testers should make sure to look at the list of known issues for this build, especially if they've been having problems with the new "Reset this PC" cloud download option.

Microsoft officials said a Bug Bash for Windows 10 20H1 will happen between September 25 and October 2.

Earlier this week, Microsoft made available a new test build of Windows 10 19H2 which now allows all Slow Ring Insider testers to check out the new features that are going to be part of this feature release. Most of the new features are enterprise-focused and fairly incremental. Up until yesterday, Microsoft was shipping different 19H2 test builds, some with new features on by default and others with features off by default to test the way the company plans to roll out 19H2 -- with new features off by default -- this fall. (Microsoft also made available a first preview and code for its revitalized PowerToys utilities for Windows 10 this week.)

Windows 10 19H2, also known as 1909, is expected to be finalized this month and to begin rolling out to mainstream users around October 2019. Windows 10 20H1 is expected to be finalized early next year and to roll out around April 2020 or so.

Months ago when 20H1 entered Insider testing, Microsoft officials alluded to some new feature(s) coming in that release that required a longer lead time. I'm increasingly doubtful that there will be any significant new features that testers don't already know about in this release. Maybe jumping ahead to 20H1 early was simply what I'd heard a while back -- a strategy meant to help Microsoft align the Azure and Windows client engineering schedules.

The feature release following Windows 10 20H1 (which is codenamed Vibranium) should be 20H2, a k a "Manganese," based on the periodic table codename pattern Microsoft is using.

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