News to know: Office 14; Google's ad quality; iPhone copycat

Notable headlines: U.S. servers slurp more power than Mississippi.

Notable headlines:

U.S. servers slurp more power than Mississippi.

Vista Hands On #3: Check your disk before upgrading.

How to avoid a FAT nightmare when upgrading to Vista.

Text of Email to all Yahoos. Yahoo copies Digg, suffers the consequences. It takes two to Tango.

Office 14: Think first half of 2009.

EFF takes Viacom to task over YouTube takedown. Images.

Scoring Google on quality: C.

Exploit Wednesday arrives with new MS Word zero-day. Another Malware protection engine becomes Malware enabler engine.

Meizu miniOne (right): A dead ringer for iPhone. Meizu CEO: we only kind of knocked off the iPhone. Vista will dent Apple market share short term, says analyst.

Yahoo Pipes and the future of composite content.

The verdict is in: ‘rogue’ IT is cool.

Microsoft calls IBM hypocritical on document standards.

MIT student invents device for wall crawling.

SAP CEO Henning Kagermann may name replacement soon.

Wal-Mart's Radio-Tracked Inventory Hits Static (subscription required).

Red Hat to up the virtualization price war ante.

Review: Samsung SCH-u740 (right).

Security analyst wins $4.3M in suit against Sandia Labs.

Here's the only broadband video encoding tool you'll ever need.

Massive Vonage "No Dialtone" reports.

DOPA returns from the dead (act two). 

Oracle Releases New TimesTen In-Memory Database

Maps for hiking on Mars.

Where are all the Ferrari Acer/Vista/Office 2007 reviews?

From semantic Web (3.0) to the WebOS (4.0).

Here’s a complete guide to all BlackBerry 8800 gear.

John Edwards’ campaign enters Second Life.