Nuggets: Casio puts MP3 in your hand

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Music in the palm of your hand

We've seen software that lets you play MP3 files on your Palm Pilot, well not to be outdone Casio has gone one step further and included an MP3 player with its upcoming handheld, the Cassiopeia E-105. If that wasn't enough the chaps at Casio have thrown in a a movie player to boot.

Slimmer than its predecessors, the E-10 and E-11, the E-105 comes in a silver finish with the now obligatory colour screen, displaying up to 65,536 colours. It uses Windows CE V2.11 and like its cousins is operated using a stylus, with a rocker switch and cursor button for scrolling-type functions.

There's 32MB of internal memory, with a CompactFlash Card Type II slot to add some more, or indeed add anything else you fancy. This tasty little number will be in the shops in mid to late July for £499.99.

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