Nuggets: Palm gets connected with TDK

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Palm on the GSM...

The lack of PC card slots on Palm connected organisers mean that if you want to hook it up with a mobile to send email and access the Web you have to clip on an external, often bulky, battery-powered attachment. This could become history thanks to TDK's new software modem, GlobalPulse. It works as part of the Palm Computing platform and uses a cable to connect to a GSM phone. At the moment only Nokia 51xx and 61xx, Orange nk402 and nk702 phones are supported, but support for others is on the way.

Global Pulse includes HandPhone software from Smartcode, which lets you dial numbers directly from your Palm without using the phone's handset -- excuse me, but can someone tell me why on earth this would be useful. A short-messaging client is also included for sending and receiving Short Messages with phones that support the function. The modem works with Palm III, Palm IIIx and Palm V organisers.

A neat solution for a neat £69 ex VAT.

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