Official ChatGPT app for Android to roll out this week, and you can pre-register now

Due to land in the Google Play store, the Android version of ChatGPT will follow the iOS version launched in May.
Written by Lance Whitney, Contributor
The official ChatGPT app in Google Play
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

Android users jealous because OpenAI's ChatGPT app so far works only on the iPhone need be jealous no longer. In a tweet posted Friday, OpenAI announced the arrival of a ChatGPT app for Android slated to roll out this week. Eager users can pre-register for the app at Google Play to make sure they're notified as soon as it's released.

OpenAI didn't provide many details about the app at its Google Play page other than to say that it will be free, will sync your chat history across devices, and will bring the newest model improvements.

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But if the Android flavor works like its iOS counterpart rolled out this past May, the app should let you speak your queries in addition to typing them. Plus, it will be aimed at both free ChatGPT users and ChatGPT Plus subscribers who gain access to early features and the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4.

With the popularity of ChatGPT, a host of third-party developers have launched their own AI chatbot apps for Android and iOS, virtually all powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT model. But many of the apps are freemium products. That means you receive a limited number of daily chats or requests for free. Want more, and you'll have to pony up money for a monthly or yearly subscription. In contrast, the official ChatGPT is truly free, giving you more than enough chats and AI assistance to fill your day.

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The iOS version of the app offers the same capabilities as the website, letting you submit requests to ask questions, find information, and create content. But there are a couple of bonus features, such as voice dictation and chat history syncing across the app and the website. You're also able to export the text of your chats and view them in an HTML file. And paid ChatGPT Plus subscribers can easily switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

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