Old, outdated Apple products you shouldn't buy (June 2020 edition)

Read this before spending your next Apple purchase!

Apple doesn't update every product with the clockwork regularity of the iPhone. And while Apple has had a bit of an update frenzy as of late, there are still some products that are getting long in the tooth and which aren't worth the big bucks that the Cupertino giant is asking for them. 

Here are the Apple products that I suggest you avoid buying at the moment. 

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Hardware last updated: March 2019


Why you should avoid: Not old by Apple standards, but old by PC standards for sure. Rumors continue ot circulate that Apple plans to release an update for the iMac line soon. So best to hold onto your money, folks.

Mac Mini

Hardware last updated: March 2020


Why you should avoid: There's a lot to love about the Mac mini. It's small, yet powerful, and a great system for those replacing a PC and who don't need a keyboard and display.

While Apple did give the Mac Mini a little bit of a refresh in March 2020, doubling the amount of storage on the two offerings (amounting to a $200 value), the underlying hardware is unchanged from October 2018, which means Apple is asking a lot of money for old hardware.

iMac Pro

Hardware last updated: December 2017


Why you should avoid: An absolute powerhouse of a system when first released, with an equally amazing price tag. But even for a workstation system, the iMac Pro is now starting to show its age, and with a starting price of $4,999, it's hard to justify spending that sort of money on something that is now over two years old.

iPad mini

Hardware last updated: March 2019


Why to avoid: Happy birthday iPad mini, now a year old. Still a good product, but at last year's prices, and with an update likely to come soon, probably not the wisest way to spend your money.

Why you should avoid: The current HomePod is a first-generation device that was released over two years ago as a response to devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home speaker. Rumors suggest that a HomePod 2 will make an appearance this spring, so if you've held out on buying one so far, you might as well hold onto your money for a little longer. 

Why you should avoid: Apple's 5th-generation Apple TV, built around the A10X Fusion processor and coming with a choice of 32GB or 64GB of storage, was last released two and a half years ago and while it's still perfectly functional, $179 is a lot of money to pay for something as old.

Don't be confused between this and the 4th-generation Apple TV HD, which is also on sale. This is a real fossil and was first released in October 2015.

Some other things I suggest you avoid buying from Apple:

  • Cables -- Apple cables are overpriced and not that hard-wearing. I recommend looking at what companies like Amazon or Anker have to offer. 
  • Third-party accessories -- Things like cases and dongles and so on. Shop around, because you can invariably find better deals on these.