One thing all travelers should do for good connectivity in the hotel

Business travelers requiring solid Wi-Fi connections for getting work done in the hotel should not overlook this database of the best places with good connectivity.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
A good connection to the web is no longer merely a nice-to-have feature in a hotel for business travelers. Having a reliable hotel connection is often mandatory for getting work done on the road Fortunately, a web site makes finding hotels with strong internet connectivity easier.

The hotelwifitest web site has a dynamic database that is populated by hotel guests running actual speed tests in their rooms to report Wi-Fi performance during their stay.

The procedure has two phases. The first is the collection of the connection statistics as stated. Many travelers are regularly running speed tests in hotels. This provides a solid basis for reporting the results which are continually updated yielding constantly improving accuracy.

The statistics for each hotel are more reliable than other sites that rate connection quality because they are generated by actual speed tests, and not simple ratings. Only speed tests in rooms go into the database; tests in hotel common areas are not included

The second phase comes into play when folks want to find a hotel with good connectivity. This is accomplished by using the search tool on the site's front page. The site covers thousands of hotels, both international and domestic. Simply enter in the zip code or city name of your destination and a list sorted by Wi-Fi speed is presented.

There is a check box on the left of the search screen that you don't want to overlook, which only presents hotels with free Wi-Fi. If you don't mind paying the outrageous daily fees many hotels still charge guests you can leave this box unchecked. You can also restrict the search to hotels of a certain star rating or above, those below a certain price, and a minimum Wi-Fi speed.

Over the course of your stay in any hotel, run the speed test in the upper left corner of the screen to rate the Wi-Fi performance you are receiving during your stay. This builds the statistics for the particular hotel with actual conditions observed by these tests. This will keep the statistics getting more accurate for the next traveler staying at this hotel.

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