Otter.ai adds AI meeting features at no additional cost across all plans

Otter.ai says that its AI meeting assistant outperforms similar tools from Google, Microsoft, and Zoom.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Working professionals spend a lot of their valuable time in unproductive meetings. To help remedy that problem, Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and Otter.ai have released AI-enabled meeting tools. Now, Otter.ai is claiming its newest feature set places it above all other competitors

On Tuesday, Otter.ai unveiled Meeting GenAI, which is a set of AI tools that can help optimize your meetings by using your prior meetings and conversations to create a collaborative workspace where you and your colleagues can gain further insights and work on the next steps.

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"While other tools such as Microsoft Copilot, Zoom AI Companion, and Google Duet are only beginning to dabble in AI-powered meeting notes, Otter is already seamlessly integrating advanced GenAI across its platform, elevating the role of meeting minutes from passive records to dynamic repositories of collective knowledge and actionable insights," said Otter.ai in the release. 

The three major highlights of Meeting GenAI are Otter AI Chat across all meetings, AI Chat in Channels, and AI Conversation Summary View. 

With Otter AI Chat across all meetings, users can ask questions that aren't limited to the information discussed in a single meeting, but can instead look at a history of meetings and make connections to generate one succinct answer. 

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This feature is especially handy if you miss two weeks of work because you're on leave or vacation. Rather than having to go through each meeting summary to ask questions, you can tap into answers from all the meetings collectively by asking a question like, "What did I miss in the meetings from the past two weeks?"


Otter.ai claims this feature sets its tool apart from competitors because Microsoft Copilot, Zoom AI Companion, and Google Duet AI have "siloed and limiting single meeting offerings" that only provide insight on one meeting at a time. 

AI Chat in Channels allows users to collaborate with other team members and Otter AI Chat simultaneously, so everyone can use the AI's assistance while in a group message. The chatbot can use prior insights from the discussion to provide answers. 

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Lastly, Meeting GenAI is also introducing an AI-generated Conversation Summary View, which summarizes the meeting in real time and generates a bird's eye view, which includes action items with their assigned owners and deadlines. 


Meeting GenAI and its feature set is available starting today across all plans, including the free Otter Basic plan, at no additional cost. This addition is part of Otter AI's commitment to improve how its users meet and collaborate. 

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