Powerbeats Pro will come in four bright new colors June 9

Powerbeats Pro offer all of the same features as AirPods, just in a different form factor and with fitness in mind.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

The very bright new colors of Powerbeats Pro. 


Last year, around this time, Beats launched the Powerbeats Pro, a $249 pair of completely wireless earbuds designed for fitness buffs. Since then, we haven't really heard much about the Powerbeats Pro, outside of some new colors in late 2019

On Friday, Beats announced that starting June 9, you can purchase the Powerbeats Pro in four new colors: Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red and Glacier Blue. 

The new colors are bright and vivid and a nice break from rather dark and bleak black, green moss or dark navy blue colors. There's also an off-white model.

As a refresher, the Powerbeats Pro have up to nine-hour battery life, with a total of 24 hours if you include the extra power provided by the charging case, IPX4 sweat and water resistance and on-ear volume and playback controls. 

Inside the Powerbeats Pro is the same H1 chip that Apple uses in its AirPod lineup, giving users fast pairing, extended range, and seamless switching between Apple devices. 

Again, the new colors will be available June 9 for $249.99 at Apple.com, and other authorized retailers.

What do you think of the new colors? Too bright or just right? Let us know in the comments. 

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