Pre-Copenhagen name-calling

Canada being called out for standing in the way of global warming agreement in Copenhagen.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

One British newspaper has just said some very uncomplimentary things about a prominent member of the British Commonwealth. It has so often been the haves vs. have-nots in politics. And now the haves are those with energy reserves, the have-nots are the energy importers. The British do not have enough fossil fuel under the North Sea to supply their nation so they are sensitive about energy-rich countries. Canada is high on that list.

The negative headline: "Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling." Canada:climate=Japan:whales?

The article goes on to point the finger at the tar sand barons and calls Canada the largest single obstacle to a climate deal in Copenhagen. The Copehagen talks begin on Monday.

Of course, we must remember that Canada is exploiting their tar sands so they can sell gobs of goo to the United States. Canada is the #1 importer of crude oil into the U.S. Followed by Mexico, Saudi, Venezuela (in spite of their politics) and Nigeria. We also get significant refined oil products from Canada as well. Over two-thirds of all imported natural gas (including LNG) into the U.S. originates in Canada.

The U.S.'s #1 source of imported coal is not Canada. That would be Colombia. I have to suspect coal is a little more important that the so-called "War on Drugs?" down Colombia way?

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