PyCharm: Here's what Python programming language developers get in new IDE update

Developer tools maker JetBrains has released PyCharm 2020.1, the latest version of its IDE for Python programming.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

JetBrains has released the latest stable version of its PyCharm integrated development environment (IDE) for the Python programming language. 

PyCharm is a popular IDE for Python developers on Windows, macOS, and Linux. According to JetBrains' 2019 Python survey, PyCharm is by far the most widely used IDE for Python programming, ahead of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code for Python

The latest version, PyCharm 2020.1, brings improvements to Git version control, smoother Python installation on Windows, better web development tools, and database improvements as well as updates to the IDE itself. 

This update makes it easier to interactively rebase code commits by allowing users to select a commit in history, right-click, and then choose 'interactively rebase from here'. Users should also find it easier to move between the commit window and code by choosing to view the commit window as a tool window next to their code. 

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JetBrains has added a search field to the Git branches popup to make it more obvious that users can search a list. There are also new indications that show if a branch has incoming or outgoing commits. 

PyCharm will now also download and install Git on a computer that lacks the version-control system. 

The PyCharm debugger has gained smart stepping to get the right call without needing to split a line of code. It will also be easier for Python users to get started on a Windows machine now that PyCharm prompts the user to download and install Python on a machine that doesn't have it installed. 

This update makes it easier to update the package requirements file, requirements.txt. 

The PyCharm Professional Edition now includes an 'Add import' quick-fix for Django templates and offers improved code completion in Django templates. For users using Vue.js for frontend development, PyCharm pro now supports Vuex. 

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Enabled by default now is JetBrains' Mono font, which it says was specifically designed for programming and is enabled by default. 

The IDE introduces a feature called LightEdit, which allows users to edit a script that isn't part of a project. Users can now also split the terminal in PyCharm vertically or horizontally to run multiple commands and see their outputs simultaneously.  

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