Red Hat Enterprise Linux images now in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft's Azure Marketplace now includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux images. And its Azure Container Service is available as a public preview.

Microsoft and Red Hat inked a much-anticipated partnership in November 2015 One of the key elements was a promise to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) available on Microsoft's Azure.


It's been a series of steps, but today's the culmination of that promise.

Customers were able to migrate their Red hat subscriptions to Azure as of November 12. At that time, Microsoft officials said they'd enable RHEL images for on-demand billing directly in Microsfot's marketplace. Today, February 17, is the day that's happening.

So what about those promised Red Hat JBoss middleware images? Microsoft isn't commenting on when they'll be available.

In other Azure news today, Microsoft has made its Azure Container Service available as a public preview as of today, February 17. (It had been in private preview as of December 2015.)

Azure Container Service (ACS) allows for the creation and management of a cluster of virtual machines that act as container hosts, together with other "master" machines for orchestrating application containers.

ACS builds on top of work the Azure team has done with Docker Inc. and Mesosphere to deliver a production ready container service that is based on Docker, Apache Mesos and open source components from Mesosphere's Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

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