Samsung and LG hit with more coronavirus cases

Samsung and LG are seeing more coronavirus cases as the number of infected in South Korea continues to rise.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean tech conglomerates, Samsung and LG, have been hit with more cases of coronavirus at their facilities as the total number of infected continues to rise in the country.

Samsung saw two more workers at its Gumi complex become infected over the weekend, bringing the total tally there to three.

Another subcontracted worker at its semiconductor plant in Giheung has also contracted the virus, it added.

Samsung stressed that both plants are still operating normally and were not affected by the cases.

Meanwhile, LG Display discovered on Saturday that an employee of a bank located at its facilities in Gumi was infected. The company has commenced disinfection procedures at its Gumi facilities with operations to be resumed on Tuesday. 

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LG Innotek, the component maker of LG Group, also shut down its camera module factory at Gumi on Sunday due to a worker contracting coronavirus. It has suspended production and will also resume operations on Tuesday after it finishes disinfection procedures. 

LG Electronics shut down its research facility at Incheon last week after it was discovered that a child of one of its employee had contracted the virus. The worker has since been cleared as not having the virus and the facilities were reopened.

The city of Gumi, where both conglomerates are seeing more cases, is close to the city of Daegu, the epicentre of the recent spike of coronavirus in South Korea.

The country now has 3,736 infected and 18 dead as of Monday. Nearly all of the new cases since last week have been from Daegu and are linked to congregations of Shincheonji, a religious organisation based there. 


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