Samsung and SK Telecom trial 5G live-stream inside of racing car

The companies reached download speeds of 1Gbps on a racing car moving at 130 miles per hour.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung and SK Telecom tested 5G live streaming on racing cars.

Image: SK Telecom

Samsung and SK Telecom have successfully tested a live-stream conducted inside of a racing car by using 5G mmWave solutions, the companies have announced.

The two companies tested live-streaming videos that were recorded inside a car that moved at 130 miles, or 210 kilometres, per hour. The live-stream reached download speeds of 1Gbps using 200MHz bandwidth of 28GHz spectrum.

The test was conducted at the Korea International Circuit, the country's F1 racing track, at Yeongam, South Jeolla Province, with multiple 5G mmWave basestations installed around the track. A video of the test has been posted on YouTube.

Multiple views of the car were streamed and broadcast through SK Telecom's broadcasting solution.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G smartphones were attached to the cars for the trial, in which the two companies tested live download and upload speeds, as well as handovers between them and the 5G cell sites on the track.

The next goal will be to reach 4Gbps, SK Telecom said.

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The trial opens up possibility for racing fans to get a seamless view of driver's perspective through built-in cameras in the cockpits of cars.

Samsung and SK Telecom previously collaborated closely on applying 5G at 28GHz spectrum, with the two companies first succeeding in handover between 5G mmWave base stations back in 2016.

They also successfully tested the interoperability of a 5G standalone core and commercial network in July which is expected to be rolled out in December around South Korea.

mmWave base stations supplied by Samsung were deployed in the US at the start of this year, while South Korea plans to deploy them later this year at the earliest.


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