Samsung busted faking Galaxy 'blur effect' with a DSLR photo

But now it's added in fine print that the photo is only for "illustrative purposes".
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Many phone cameras today can achieve a blurry SLR background effect for portrait photos. But while they look decent on a small screen, they don't cut it when blown up for marketing material.

To get around this problem, Samsung decided to use a photo taken with a DSLR camera to show off the Galaxy A8 Star's dual rear camera portrait capabilities, and a feature that allows users to adjust the background blur effect.

It might have remained a secret hadn't photographer Dunja Djudjic reverse image-searched a photo she'd taken on a DSLR, distributed by Getty Images, and discovered it on Samsung's Malaysia website. Djudjic details the discovery on her site, DIYPhotography.

Samsung cut Djudjic's head out of her original photo and placed it on a different background with two different effect levels.

One of the photos is of Djudjic with zero background blur, while a second of the same subject and scene purports to show maximum background blur. A third photo shows the dual 16MP and 24MP rear cameras.

Samsung's website originally didn't mention anywhere that the photos were not taken from the Galaxy A8 Star. Without such a disclosure, there's a heavy implication that the photos were actually from the phone's camera.

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However, since Djudjic's post was picked up by tech media, Samsung has slapped on a fine-print disclosure, "image simulated for demo purpose", and an accompanying footnote that "all images are simulated for illustrative purposes".

Not surprisingly in an industry known for cheating performances benchmarks, Samsung isn't alone in faking a phone's camera capabilities.

As Djudjic notes, Huawei has been busted for it too, and Samsung Brazil was recently caught tweeting stock Getty shots to promote the Galaxy A8's camera.


Samsung uses DSLR photo to show off dual camera capabilities.

Image: Samsung

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