Samsung claims top spot in granted 5G patents

Samsung leads the pack in granted patents for 5G, according to a German study.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
Image: Samsung 

Samsung Electronics has the most number of granted patents for 5G, the company said, citing a study commissioned in Germany.

The South Korean tech giant has the most patents in terms of those granted by at least one of the offices in the US, Europe, or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), numbering 1,728, according to a joint study done in January by the Technical University of Berlin and intellectual property research firm Iplytics.

According to the study, granted patents are those that are enforceable, which means they are officially acknowledged for their exclusive right. 

The study was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Nokia came in second place with 1,584 granted patents, followed by LG at 1,415, and Huawei at 1,274.

In terms of declared 5G patents, Huawei had the most with 3,147. Samsung came second with 2,795 while ZTE was third with 2,561.

Samsung is a major vendor of 5G equipment to telcos in its home country of South Korea, which recently accrued 5 million 5G subscribers.

Separately, Samsung also announced that Apple Music is now available on its 2018-2020 smart TV models. It is the first TV manufacturer to launch with Cupertino's music streaming service.

Last year, the two collaborated to launch iTunes and AirPlay on Samsung smart TVs.


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