Samsung Galaxy S20: The phone's best hardware upgrades and new features

Samsung Unpacked introduced the Galaxy S20 flagship series, packing in 5G capabilities, advanced camera technology, and more. Here are my five favorite new features.
Written by Elizabeth Mauder, Editor

Samsung's Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra are here, thanks to Unpacked, where the phones were announced with several new premium features and upgraded hardware. Let's walk through my five favorite things about Samsung's latest flagship series.

Watch the video above, or read through the transcript below to learn more about the Galaxy S20 series.


I feel like we've been hearing and talking about 5G for a while now and have been waiting for it to take off. Well, Samsung has made a big step in that transition, by making all three Galaxy S20 models 5G capable. And with 87% of organizations planning to buy 5G-enabled devices,according to the IDC, this built-in functionality puts Samsung on the right track.


Samsung really upped its camera game with the Galaxy S20 series. The S20 Ultra phone can zoom in by 100x, while the S20 and the S20+ can be zoom in by 30. The S20 Ultra also packs a 108MP smart camera system. All three phones each boast a smaller camera punchout than last year's S10 series, too, taking up 55% less area on the screen. Other S20 camera features include quick crop and more low light settings. For business users, when you pair these impressive camera updates with the new 5G capabilities, we're sure video conferencing from the phones will look and seem impressive.


The displays across the Galaxy S20 phones are all incredible, each offering 120hz capabilities. A 120hz display refreshes more often than a standard 60hz display, displaying up to 120 frames per second. The difference for you will mean smoother animations -- something games and apps will benefit from the most. After upgrading the camera so extensively, it only makes sense that Samsung would offer consumers a high-quality screen to view their images on.

Storage and RAM

The Galaxy S20 series offers 12GB of RAM, with the Ultra pushing that to 16GB. The phones also offer 128GB of storage, whereas the iPhone 11 starts at 64GB -- something many editors at ZDNet have griped about. All three have microSD capability, too, accepting cards as large as a terabyte big, which is ideal for business users who need to transfer work files from their computers to their mobile devices.

Battery life

Battery life is always something users are worried about and want to improve. The S20 Ultra offers a 4000mAh to 5000mAh battery and a 45W fast charge, while the other two devices have 25W fast charge. The emphasis on longer-lasting batteries with faster charging capabilities is going to be a big draw for users and is something we're excited about.

Samsung Unpacked brought us three versions of the Galaxy S20. To find out more about each one, and all things Samsung, be sure to stick with ZDNet. Thanks for watching.

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