​Samsung to launch 30-millimetre-thick luxury MicroLED TV next year

Samsung Electronics will begin MicroLED TV production in September and will next year launch a luxury version that will be 30 millimetres in thickness.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung's TV boss Hang Jong-hee said the company will launch a luxury version of MicroLED TV that is only 30 millimetres thick, aimed at homes.

Image: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics will launch a luxury version of its MicroLED TV next year, its TV boss has said.

President Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung's Visual Display business, told reporters that new version is aimed at the home and will have a thickness of 30 millimeters

The company's 146-inch MicroLED TV, dubbed The Wall, will begin mass production in September. This version, unveiled at CES this year, has a thickness of around 80 millimeters.

The MicroLED TVs to roll out this year are being produced at its designated line at the firm's TV factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Han also stressed that prices won't be as high as the market expects and prices will be affordable once productivity goes up and the company launches the luxury version.

A smaller, 73-inch trial version of MicroLED TV was also shown to reporters but photos weren't permitted.

Samsung began taking pre-orders for The Wall in June.

MicroLED TV puts micrometre-sized LED modules together to form a TV. Like OLED, it doesn't require a backlight so has deep blacks. However, the biggest obstacle has been yield rates and transfer method -- or ways to attach LEDs on substrates that will ensure productivity.

In April, Han also said that Samsung is researching ways to apply quantum dot (QD) technology onto its MicroLED TVs.


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