SAP launches blockchain-as-a-service effort, aims to integrate it into portfolio, processes

SAP is steadfast that blockchain will be a big deal in the enterprise, business processes and IT.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP on Wednesday launched its SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain, a service effort that aims to integrate its various products with blockchain capabilities.

According to SAP, the blockchain-as-service launch will provide support for Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain. Customers will be able to extend current applications to utilize blockchain, build applications, and create and build networks.

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SAP's blockchain service will utilize SAP HANA Data Management Suite and be built on top of SAP HANA. The plan is to make blockchain actionable for enterprise customers by integrating the technology into its portfolio. SAP's blockchain news comes a day after the company outlined its big plans to take on Salesforce in the CRM market.

The company has been working with more than 60 enterprises across industries to create blockchain use cases in supply chain, manufacturing, transportation and pharmaceuticals.

While these use cases aren't fully baked and it's not hard to find analysts to note blockchain is hyped, SAP is steadfast in its belief that the technology can dramatically alter business processes and IT. Blockchain, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, are seen as cogs in what SAP is betting will become the intelligent enterprise.


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