Voltu social influencer platform pays influencers for app installs

If you are an influencer on social channels, you can earn money by recommending apps that are installed by your followers
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Berlin, Germany-based mobile marketing company Glispa Global has launched its influencer network, Voltu, which connects advertisers with influencers around the world to encourage app installs.

Voltu social influencer platform pays influencers for app installs ZDNet
Image: Voltu

It has been running "bespoke social influencer ad campaigns for over three years", according to the company.

Voltu says it has over 30,000 social influencers in its network with over 3,500 apps for them to promote. It says that influencers with anywhere from 10,000 to millions of followers are invited to apply to join the platform and run campaigns on the network.

The Voltu platform has a campaign management dashboard where influencers can choose the apps they want to promote across their channels.

Influencers are paid differing amounts for each install that they have driven from tracking links. Apps can be promoted across 'all significant' social channels around the world -- whether YouTube or Sina Weibo.

Glispa Global has offices in Berlin, Singapore, San Francisco, Beijing, Sao Paulo, and Tel Aviv, so it has access to worldwide advertisers and audiences.

The account manager at Voltu manages the campaign for the brand, delivering daily reports to make sure brands hit their goals.

You can sign up for an account using either your Facebook or Google credentials. The user experience is poor using the Microsoft Edge browser, and Facebook or Google authentication proved impossible. Authentication worked using Firefox.

You are asked which categories you are interested in and are presented with a campaign dashboard.

Influencers promote apps on a performance payment model. They choose advertiser apps and encourage their followers to download them. Voltu vets the apps to see whether they are an appropriate fit with the influencer's interest area.

Payment is made through PayPal when the influencer's account balance reaches $100.

Voltu prides itself on being able to reach beyond the US or tier-one markets into emerging markets such as BRIC (Brazil Russia India China), LATAM (Latin America), and SEA (Southeast Asia.)

Samantha Turner, commercial director and Voltu creator/ambassador, said "With Voltu we address inherent mobile ad industry challenges including advertisers' needs for transparency and fraud protection, ever-diminishing user engagement with banner ads, and the rise of ad blockers."

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