ServiceNow's workplace safety suite integrates with Uber for Business

The integration aims to make commutes more safe and manageable as employees return to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

ServiceNow's workplace safety management app will be integrated into Uber for Business so employees can safely commute to work as offices reopen.

The integration is a win for ServiceNow's efforts to manage workplace safety processes. ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite manages contact tracing, employee health screening and readiness feedback during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the integration is highlighted in the "Book Uber" feature for employees to coordinate commutes. Employees can schedule arrival times, reserve space and manage health screenings via the ServiceNow app. Uber has recently rolled out features and policies to protect riders and drivers.

Enterprise software vendors have flocked to workplace safety as offices reopen. ServiceNow, IBM, Salesforce and Zebra Technologies are just a few firms targeting the space. Enterprise technology vendors to launch products designed for the new normal of work, which will be a hybrid model split between remote and on-premises

According to ServiceNow, the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite has been downloaded by more than 600 organizations. The model for workplace safety software is to land in an enterprise via trials and then expand into paid accounts. ServiceNow's workplace tools are built on the company's Now Platform, which manages a bevy of workflow processes across functions. 

Ronnie Gurion, Global Head of Uber for Business, said his company is seeing shifts in demand for services. For instance, business travel is down, but Uber Eats is being utilized by enterprises more. In addition, companies are starting to use Uber for Business more to arrange commutes and group workers together once they work through the checks required to go to work via ServiceNow.

"We are seeing a lot of interest in using Uber for essential workers and industries," said Gurion. "Use cases are shifting."

Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflow products at ServiceNow, said the integration with Uber aims to adapt to shifting use cases. "There are a number of use cases like if you live in the same town and part of a team you can automate workflows," he said.


A look at the ServiceNow and Uber for Business integration aimed at the new normal at work. 


McConnell said the Safe Workplace Suite is launching features in two-week sprints to adapt quickly as companies go back into the office and assess readiness. In the Uber integration, once an employee goes through checks with surveys and preventative measures, she can reserve a cube or office and then go to Uber for Business to handle the commute.

According to Gurion, Uber for Business has 150,000 companies using it and half of the Fortune 500. Uber has been integrating with a bevy of enterprise software vendors such as ServiceNow and Concur for expenses. Gurion added that Uber is planning on more services to handle the new normal at work ranging from food delivery since cafeterias will be closed and reserving a set of cars daily and by shifts.

"There are a lot of innovation that can resonate to joint customers," said Gurion. For McConnell, the game right now is about collecting feedback to prep the Safe Workplace Suite in the sprints. "We're looking for immediate customer feedback and develop what's next," said McConnell.


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