Should you install iOS 14.7?

Do you leap into the unknown or wait for the brave -- or the foolhardy -- to go first?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS 14.7 is out and being pushed to iPhones all over the world as I type these words. But should you install this update or wait and see if there are any show stopping bugs?

Thanks to the release candidate, we already know the features and fixes in this update. What we don't know, as of the time of writing, is what security fixes (if any) that iOS 14.7 contains.

So, should you install iOS 14.7?

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Using iOS 14 to diagnose battery drain

I've been running the release candidate for a few days, and install the final release as soon as it was made available yesterday, and everything looks good. I've not come across any showstopper bugs, and everything feels just as snappy as it was prior to update.

I have heard from people who are worried about battery drain after installing it, but this is a common issue following any iOS update, and it usually fixes itself after a day or so (iOS does a fair bit of housekeeping following an update).

My advice for those suffering from battery drain for the first few days following an update is to wait it out. If it's a real problem, wait until you have a few days that you're not relying on your iPhone as much (like the weekend).

The bottom line is that right now you could take either route with iOS 14.7. Short of it patching some nasty security vulnerability, you could play a wait and see (as long as you're not worried about the Wi-Fi hotspot bug) but given how the release candidate and final release feels to me, I don't see any harm in pulling the trigger on the update.

Installed iOS 14.7? Let me know what you think! Playing the wait-and-see? Let me know why!

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