SK Telecom trials autonomous ship using 5G

SK Telecom's navigation platform will allow ships to autonomously move to a set destination through using 5G networks.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom and Samsung Heavy Industries have developed a 5G-based autonomous navigation platform that will allow ships to move to set destinations on their own.

The two used a 3.3m long test ship developed by Samsung with a lidar sensor connected to 5G networks that was docked at a shipyard in Geoje City, South Korea.

They remotely set the destination of the ship in a control centre at Daejeon City located 250km away.

The ship safely sailed to the destination and avoided obstacles, SK Telecom said. They were also able to control and monitor the ship from the centre through using the telco's 5G network.

SK Telecom and Samsung's eventual goal is to develop a "5G smart yard" that will improve the safety of ships when sailing in narrow waters and near shore.

The two are also working on a similar platform that will be used to remotely control and monitor heavy equipment operating in the yard using 5G networks.

They are also developing an augmented reality platform that will be used to check the goods in containers. 

SK Telecom has been applying 5G networks in various ways, from smart cities to self-driving infrastructure

It has also exchanged stakes with local chat giant Kakao in a partnership to utilise 5G networks to create new services in commerce, shopping, and digital content. 

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