Smartphones: disrupting 10 markets and counting...

Ten products smartphones are making or may make obsolete... and possibly more.

How many markets has the smartphone disrupted?  At least 10 at last count, according to this list compiled by Douglas A. McIntyre and Charles Stockdale:

1. PDAs: "The product was a stepping stone toward the superior smartphone."

2. Flip video cameras: "...the multifunctional smartphone may soon push Flip out of the picture."

3. MP3 players: "Even the iPod, the biggest selling MP3 player of all time, had its lowest point since 2006 in the most recent quarter."

4. Digital cameras: "Handsets soon may begin to cannibalize the low-end of the DSC (digital still camera) market as they incorporate higher megapixels and flash capabilities."

5. Handheld video games: "More consumers are using their phones for portable gaming."

6. GPS: "The increase in smartphones with GPS capabilities poses a huge threat to standalone GPS devices."

7. PCs: "As smartphones continue to feature more memory, storage capability and stronger processing power, consumers will increasingly rely on them for Internet use instead of their clunky PCs."

8. Regular cell phones: "Just as smartphones are making other single-function devices more and more obsolete, they are pushing regular, 'featureless' cell phones out of the competitive marketplace."

9. Watches: "Many consumers...  are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch...  watches are worn for fashion, not function."

10. Remote controls: " Internet and television content become more and more intertwined, smartphone remotes seem an increasingly appropriate instrument of control."

Those are McIntyre and Stockdale's top 10.  Readers, can you come up with more products that may be disrupted by smartphones?

A few more disrupted businesses I would like to add to this list include:

Alarm clocks: As we saw with the snafu with the change from Daylight Savings Time last week, a lot of people are already relying on their smartphones as alarm clocks.

Levels and other measurement tools: Yeah, there are apps for that.

Thermometers: Yeah, there's an app for that, too.

Radios: You can tune in through your smartphone to all artists and news.

Microscopes: With attachments, you can view more nuclei than you ever did in science lab.

Calendars: Regular phones could have disrupted this market, too -- but now we can get the pretty pictures as well.

Those are just a few product lines under the gun from smartphone encroachment. Readers, your additional thoughts and ideas?

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