Splunk debuts Observability Suite, which integrates SignalFx, Omnition technology into one platform

Splunk said the new suite will offer a tightly integrated combination of monitoring, investigation, and troubleshooting services for IT and DevOps teams.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Within a year of acquiring SignalFx and Omnition, Splunk is doubling down on tracing and observability with the launch of the Splunk Observability Suite, which the company said will offer a tightly integrated combination of monitoring, investigation, and troubleshooting services for IT and DevOps teams.

The suite leverages no sample streaming, full-fidelity ingestion and machine learning capabilities to collect and correlate across metric, trace and log data in real-time and at any scale, Splunk said. 

Specifically, the suite includes two new Splunk services: Log Observer and Real User Monitoring. The Splunk Log Observer is meant to bring logging capabilities to site reliability engineers, DevOps and developers, with out-of-the-box integrations with cloud and messaging services. 

The Splunk Real User Monitoring tool aims to extend Splunk's monitoring capabilities to help organizations understand and optimize the digital experiences of their end customers. The Observability Suite also includes Splunk's infrastructure and application performance monitoring tools, as well as Splunk On-Call.

Stepping back, the launch of the Observability Suite echoes what CEO Doug Merritt promised when Splunk doled out $1.5 billion to buy SignalFx. At the time, Merritt said the purchase would enable Splunk to offer customers a single data platform that can monitor cloud-native infrastructure and enterprise applications in real-time. 

"The combination of Splunk and SignalFx will give IT and developers a data platform that allows them to monitor and observe data in real-time, no matter the infrastructure or data volume, helping them cut costs, boost revenue and improve the customer experience," Splunk said in a 2019 press release

As part of his .conf20 conference keynote Tuesday, Merritt again stressed the importance of observability within the IT stack, suggesting that Splunk will continue to expand its focus and investment in the space. 

"Observability is mission critical to help your applications teams deliver the velocity and quality that's needed to digitally transform your business," Merritt said. "We've made massive investments to expand our portfolio to include Observability. All of these products and capabilities are designed to help you maintain the highest levels of business performance, minimize downtime, and deliver world-class digital experiences. And the best part is that they're all available to you from one place."

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