Twilio gets more than 50 new text-to-speech voices with Amazon Polly

The built-in support for Amazon's speech synthesis service follows new Twilio integrations with Google AI-powered services.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

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Twilio is giving developers more control over their interactive voice applications with built-in support for Amazon Polly -- the AWS text-to-speech service that uses deep learning to synthesize speech.

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The integration adds more than 50 human-sounding voices in 25 languages to the Twilio platform, the cloud communications company announced Monday. In addition to offering access to different voices and languages, Polly will enable developers using Twilio's Programmable Voice to control variables like the volume, pitch, rate and pronunciation of the voices that interact with end users.

Programmable Voice has long offered a built-in basic text-to-speech (TTS) service that supports three voices, each with their own supported set of languages. TTS capabilities, however, have improved dramatically in recent years, and Twilio notes that Amazon has been at the forefront of these improvements.

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Amazon isn't the only cloud vendor Twilio has tapped for AI-powered conversational services. Just a couple of weeks ago, Twilio announced a simplified integration between the Programmable Voice platform and Google's Dialogflow, a development suite for building conversational interfaces. Twilio also announced it's integrating Google's Contact Center AI into Twilio Flex, its contact center platform.

While Polly is now integrated with the Twilio platform, in the coming weeks Twilio will make Polly the default provider for all new Twilio Accounts. There will be an option to revert back to Basic Provider using the Twilio console. Twilio is also supporting Polly's Vocal Tract Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) feature, which enables developers to control speech variables like timbre and pitch.

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Developers can try out different Polly voices in the Twilio console before choosing one. Polly for Programmable Voice starts at $0.0008 for every 100 spoken characters, and volume discounts are available.

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