Twitter's reaction to the Apple Launch

Twitter lit up in response to all of the announcements coming from Apple at its launch event.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Media monitoring company Visibrain was watching the Apple launch event yesterday - along with many of us. It discovered some interesting stats about what interested the Twitterati during the event.

Twitter's reaction to the Apple Launch ZDNet

In total, 1.36 million tweets were sent in a six hour period about the Apple Launch yesterday. We were particularly interested in the hotly anticipated iPhone 7.

Visibrain recorded that 491,376 tweets - over 36 percent of the total tweets - were about the new iPhone.

Although some people seemed disappointed about the iPhone 7 unveiling, Apple also generated conversation across Twitter with its other announcements.

Twitter conversation about the Apple watch 2 consisted of 97,512 tweets. The W1 chip - Apple's first - will power the AirPods.

The removal of the headphone jack from the phone was the most talked about change on the iPhone 7.

Twitter talk around the headphones and the removal of the headphone jack generated 153,704 tweets.

A third of consumers claim to be 'concerned' about the change, whilst witty comments about the new AirPods lit up our Twitter streams.

Twitter's reaction to the Apple Launch ZDNet

Some tweets discussed the new ceramic look for the Apple Watch 2.

However, I did not see any tweets complaining about the lack of upgrade options from the solid gold version of the AppleWatch 1.

The most shared tweet from the night actually related to the fact that the Apple Watch 2 will be water resistant.

Apple hopes to make the watch more engaging to consumers with this version.

Games generated a fair bit of traffic too. Discussion about a new Nintendo game for the App Store, Super Mario Run saw 74,734 tweets.

The announcement that Apple was introducing Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch had 31,873 tweets.

Will this latest version of these grown up toys from the Apple store be what we have been waiting for? Only time, and a canny look at APPL stock prices will show whether Tim Cook's vision will actually become a reality.

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