U.S. government scientists say global warming valid science

U.S. government scientists say global warming valkid no matter what they did or said at East Anglia.

In Congressional testimony yesterday the scientist in charge of NOAA pointed out that NASA and NOAA data clearly show man-caused global warming. American findings have nothing to do, she added, with the hacked emails or analysis work done at the University of East Anglia where hacked emails have energized global warming skeptics. Conspiracy and corruption are the main charges against East Anglia now that the emails and docs have been made public. Two of the Obama Administraton's top scientists told Congress yesterday that global warming is real and man-made and nothing done at East Anglia refutes the science of global warming.

Yesterday I blogged how Republican Congressmen used East Anglia as one more reason to try to stop any action on greenhouse gases. One Congressman called East Anglia proof of "scientific fascism."