Want a robot vacuum for your workspace? Neato's Botvac D5 is $80 off

Can you even call your workspace a "smart office" if it doesn't have a robot vacuum?

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New technologies are optimizing modern offices for better collaboration, productivity, energy efficiency, employee health, and, believe it or not, cleanliness.

And robot vacuums are a great example.

They can keep your work floors immaculate so you're able to focus on tasks that really matter, like preparing for next week's big meeting or finishing up those expense reports.

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    Neato's Botvac D5, for instance, is currently on sale through Amazon and Jet for $419, and it scans, maps and cleans your entire office area. It supports up to three floor plans and can be easily programmed to go around places you may want it to avoid. It's also controllable from your phone, smartwatch, Amazon Echo, or Google Home, making it a true IoT device.

    (Image: Neato)

    Once considered niche luxe products, Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuums are now a must-have for any automated workspace -- whether you work remotely or from a smart office. However, while they have come down in price over the past couple years, theyr'e still not cheap.

    So, when the Botvac D5 can be bought at a $80 discount, it's definitely worth checking out.

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    Keep in mind that, while Neato and Best Buy currently list the Botvac D5 for $599, price-tracker sites put its average price around $500. If you're still not sure if robot vacuums are right for your workspace, see ZDNet's review of Neato's $799 Botvac D7, which we said performed flawlessly.

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