What's this? Samsung's changed its logo?

In a stealthy move over the weekend, the Korean handset manufacturer alters its Facebook profile picture. Could this mean something big? A foldable phone, for real?
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer
(Screenshot: ZDNet)

It just happened.

There was no big announcement. There was no great fanfare.

It's just that anyone looking at Samsung's Facebook page over the last day or so will have been confronted with something that is, in Facebook terms, highly dramatic.

For there were these quiet, but powerful words: "Samsung Mobile updated their profile picture."

When do people do that? When something major has happened in their lives. When they have a new lover, a new dog, a new baby, or perhaps even a new haircut.

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It happened on the company's Twitter feed, too.

Suddenly, Samsung's new logo is folded over.

Surely, surely this is to declare -- or at least tease -- that, at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Korean handset maker will finally, finally reveal its new, much ballyhooed folding phone.

Samsung has tortured it own brows and everyone else's nerves by hinting about this foldable item for quite some time.

In September, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh declared it was "time to deliver."

Only last month, Koh insisted this was no gimmick. It shouldn't be, given the company has been dreaming and muttering about it since 2013.

So, I contacted Samsung to ask whether it could show some mercy and admit that the thing will finally be revealed on Wednesday.

I'll update, should mercy be forthcoming.

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The essence here, is that Samsung needs to reinsert a little excitement in its life and in the lives of its customers.

The brand has found it hard to make news with the constant barrage of Apple products being foisted upon humanity.

Just a squint at the Samsung Facebook page reveals intense, pent-up frustration, with enthusiasts desperate for Samsung to be first at something again.

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Sample, from Furqan Khan: "In the whole Android market the only brand that's not copying #Apple or any other brand, is #Samsung. Their R&D is still working unlike others."

Not everyone, though, is bending over backwards at the prospect of this new foldable tomorrow.

As German Alonso Pimentel Vera put it: "So, it's gonna fold like the prices, two-fold, three-fold..."

That's the thing with innovation. You just can't excite everyone, can you?

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