Why CIOs have bigger IT budgets for 2018, and what they're buying

Beyond specific technologies and projects, tech leaders are thinking a lot about finding and developing the talent they need to succeed.
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief

You can tell a lot about a company's values and its priorities by the way it spends its money. Each October on ZDNet we do a special report on how business leaders are planning to spend their tech budgets for the year ahead.

In our survey of 2018 plans, we found that nearly two-thirds of decision makers are increasing their technology budgets in 2018, and almost a quarter of them are boosting their tech spend by 10% or more. Both numbers slightly higher than the results from our 2017 survey.

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Among the respondents, the top technologies that they are investing in are:

  1. Cybersecurity (mentioned by 53% of respondents)2. Hardware upgrades (47%)
  2. Cloud services (43%)
  3. Software (40%)
  4. Big data analytics (20%)
  5. Internet of Things (18%)

Aside from specific tech projects, 35% of leaders said they are investing in training existing employees and 29% said they are investing in hiring new employees.

We also polled TechRepublic's CIO Jury, where 83% said their IT budgets would increase or stay the same in 2018. They also cited cybersecurity as a top concern, but highlighted hybrid cloud as a priority as well.

To learn more, read our full special report "Tech Budgets 2018: A CXO's Guide." You can read all of the articles here on ZDNet or you can download them in one PDF on TechRepublic, available for free to registered users.

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