Windows 10 20H1: You'll get better predictive typing on physical keyboards

Windows 10 hardware keyboard gains inline predictive text suggestions with next year's update.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Windows 10 already gained SwiftKey-based predictive typing with a touch keyboard. But now next year's Windows 10 update is set to improve the experience for physical keyboards, too. 

The predictive typing feature, spotted by developer Albacore, is set to come with next year's Windows 10 20H1 release and will bring inline suggestions when typing on a hardware keyboard. 

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Currently, hardware keyboard text suggestions are displayed as about three suggestions in a box above the words being typed

As shown in a video posted by Albacore, the new text suggestions are generated on the fly on the sentence being typed, much like Gmail Smart Compose

The predictive typing feature appears to be available for Notepad and other Windows 10 apps too, including third-party apps. 

The Windows 10 20H1 update will be released around April 2020 and is currently in testing with the Windows Insider program.   

Microsoft last week released a new preview build that contained an unannounced feature allowing users to set the speed of the Windows updates they receive in megabits per second. 

The new 'Absolute bandwidth' option is currently placed above the percentage-based control. Users can select the exact speed in megabits per second for downloading updates in the background, as well as control how much bandwidth in Mbps is used for downloading updates in the foreground. 

This preview also brought a new feature to Windows 10 accessibility called Narrator, which will tell users the title of a page behind a link on the current page. The feature can be enabled by pressing Caps + Ctrl + D.

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