Windows 10 is finally getting a 64-bit version of Microsoft's OneDrive syncing app

But it warns Surface Pro X users with an Arm processor to stick with the 32-bit version of OneDrive.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft has released a 64-bit version of its OneDrive file-syncing app for Windows 10, bringing it up to par with the 64-bit version that's available for Apple's MacBooks.  

The OneDrive 64-bit syncing app is available in for now as a public preview, so it hasn't reached the maturity of a general availability release. 

Nonetheless, it is now on the way to being a viable option for Windows 10 users who need to move loads of files and have the hardware to support these faster transfers. 

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Microsoft says the 64-bit version of OneDrive is the right option for users who need to use large files, assuming the Windows 10 hardware supports it. 

"The 64-bit version is the right choice if you plan to use large files, if you have a lot of files, and if you have a computer that's running a 64-bit version of Windows," Microsoft's Ankita Kirti said in a blogpost.

"Computers running 64-bit versions of Windows generally have more resources – such as processing power and memory – than their 32-bit predecessors. Also, 64-bit applications can access more memory than 32-bit applications (up to 18.4 million Petabytes)." 

Until now, the 32-bit version of OneDrive has been pre-installed with Windows 10 devices, whereas OneDrive for Apple's macOS laptops is only available as a 64-bit app. Apple started its 64-bit transition on macOS in 2018 with High Sierra 10.13.4. 

"We know this has been a long awaited and highly requested feature, and we're thrilled to make it available for early access," says Kirti. 

Most users probably don't know what version of OneDrive they're using, but they can check this by clicking the Help & Settings icon in the OneDrive app and following through to the About section. Under "About Microsoft OneDrive", it will say whether it is the 64-bit version of the 32-bit version. 

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Also, Microsoft notes that ARM64 devices should stick with the 32-bit version of OneDrive. As Microsoft watcher Brad Sams notes, the OneDrive 64-bit version is only for AMD64 devices.

ZDNet's Ed Bott has a rundown of the choices consumers have when picking software for Arm-based PCs like the Surface Pro X.

Windows fans can download the 64-bit version of OneDrive for work, school, and home accounts.

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