Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft breaks, then fixes Outlook Mail, Calendar in new fumble

After Microsoft's awful October, this time another slip-up hits Windows Phone users.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Windows 10 Mobile users have gotten some relief after an update from Microsoft last week broke their Outlook Mail and Calendar apps.

Just as Microsoft was resolving the Windows 10 Pro activation error frustrating its desktop users, the company angered the few remaining users with a Lumia Windows 10 Mobile device by issuing an update that broke Outlook Mail and Calendar.

Windows 10 Mobile users began reporting problems with Mail and Calendar on Wednesday immediately after Microsoft released update 16006.11001.20083.0.

"Mail and Calendar no longer starts. After a short flash screen the app crashed back to the main screen. Tried restart and soft reset," wrote the first reporter, whose post now has 306 replies.

As noted by Windows Latest, Microsoft on Thursday acknowledged reports of Mail and Calendar crashes on Feedback Hub, apologized and assured users that "our engineers are quickly working on a fix".

Over the weekend it announced on the Feedback Hub that it was rolling out a fix in version 16006.11001.20100 that would be available from Sunday.

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Microsoft isn't developing new features for Windows 10 Phone anymore, but it is still currently supporting it with bug fixes and security updates.

October hasn't been Microsoft's best month, having been forced to withdraw its Windows 10 October Update release and fix a bug that was deleting users' files.

There were also several compatibility issues with system drivers, as well as a ZIP file extraction failure bug in File Explorer. The bugs have raised questions about the quality of Microsoft's updates.

Microsoft has also drawn criticism for its handling of the Windows 10 Pro activation error, which erroneously told users their Windows 10 license was not genuine.

The only statement it issued on the matter was that it was "working to restore product activations for the limited number of affected Windows 10 Pro customers".

The company has yet to explain the actual cause of the activation issue.

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