Windows ARM tablet rumors heat up: Surface 2, Nokia 'Sirius' on deck

There are at least two new Windows ARM tablets in the pipeline: The Microsoft Surface 2 and Nokia 'Sirius,' according to evolving rumors.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Many Microsoft watchers, customers and partners continue to believe there is no future for Windows RT tablets -- in spite of Microsoft remaining commmitted to the ARM-based port of Windows.


Despite Microsoft's $900 million Surface RT write-down, make no mistake: There are still at least two (and possibly more) Windows RT-based tablets in the pipeline.

The first, about which rumors have been swirling for the past couple of weeks, is Nokia's coming Windows RT tablet. The latest codename for this device is "Sirius," according to The Verge. A couple of weeks ago, the codename for this device was supposedly "Vanquish," reported The Verge's Tom Warren.)

As various blogs reported in mid-August, this device, which Nokia is expected to launch in New York at the end of September. (September 26 is the most often rumored date.) Reports claimed at that time these Nokia tablets will be 10.1-inch, devices running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 32 GB of built-in storage; 2 GB of RAM; a micro USB port; detachable keyboard and LTE support. There've been reports indicating that AT&T, Verizon or maybe both could be the LTE partners for these devices.

On the Windows SuperSite, Paul Thurrott corroborated the Sirius codename and specs, addung that the pricing will start at $499 for these devices.

(Note: all of this information is from sources; Nokia and Microsoft are not commenting.)

The Nokia Sirius isn't the only ARM tablet arriving this fall. Microsoft also is readying the successor to the Surface RT, which Thurrott says is going to be known as the Surface 2, running Windows 8.1 RT. (The OS will still include the "RT" moniker, even though the hardware won't, according to Thurrott.)

These Surface 2 devices are already starting to show up in the latest AdDuplex stats, as are their Intel-based complements, the Surface 2 Pro, blogged Thurrott.

Microsoft officials said in July to expect Microsoft to deliver "updates" to the company's Surface RT and Surface Pro lines, along with new peripherals for those lines some time during the company's fiscal 2014 (which ends on June 30, 2014).

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